At Nonni’s Pizza we strongly believe in giving back to the community, it’s our way of saying thank you, because it is our customers and local civic organizations that helped make us the successful local business that we are today.

Since 1995 we have worked with the community to help raise thousands of dollars and have given away more pizzas than we can count to schools and civic events throughout our area.


How Nonni's Can Help Your Group

Americans love pizza, with pizza sales of over 38 billion dollars each year. It makes the perfect item for fundraising. Nonni’s is one of the top pizza delivery shops in the area and our goal is to help your group raise a lot of dough for things such as sports equipment, field trips, computers or other school supplies.

We know how hard it is for schools and non-profit organizations to raise the necessary funds to function properly. That is why we have developed the following fundraising programs.

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Nonni’s Fundraising Cards

A credit card sized peel-off sticker card with a total of 10 coupons. The first coupon on the card is for a Free Pizza valued at over the $10 price charged for the card and the rest are all buy one get one Free coupons with a total card value of over $100.

Simply sell the cards for $10 each and your organization keeps $9.  After your fundraiser is complete return any unsold cards to Nonni’s Pizza with a check for $1 per card sold to help us cover some printing and food costs. Cards are a great value for the consumer.

Dear George & the rest of the Nonni's crew,
St Anthony's Cub Scout Pack 15 can't thank you enough for your help with our most recent fundraiser. Selling your pizza cards allowed us to raise over $1000 to help support our pack, easily our most successful fundraiser ever. The people I spoke to were very impressed with your generosity and everyone knows your pizzas are the best in town. I believe it's safe to say we will be making a Nonni's pizza card fundraiser a regular part of our annual schedule of events.
Many thanks,
Carl Hanson
St Anthony's Cub Scout’s

Sell Nonni’s Pizza at your next event

A number of schools sell Nonni’s Pizza slices during craft fairs and sporting events. It’s a great way to raise some extra dough. We can deliver the pizza Piping Hot just minutes out of the oven directly to your event. We offer unbeatable discounted prices so your nonprofit group raises lots of money. Our ovens can handle just about any size order but we recommend breaking it up into multiple deliveries throughout your event. *For extra profit try selling Nonni’s fundraising cards while people are enjoying are delicious pizza.

Nonni’s Gift Card Donations

Nonni’s Gift Cards are a perfect prize for raffles. If you have a fundraiser event planned and need a donation contact us. We have donated hundreds of dollars in gift cards to many causes and we are always willing to help someone less fortunate.

Making fundraising deliciously easy.

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